Founder Message

Meena Public School Founder's Desk

The biggest assets of a nation are not its factories, natural endowments or machines but its people. The young blood of any country is responsible for making or breaking the fortune of any family, society or nation. As a school, we realize the responsibility of shaping young minds and building their character but for this we are deeply dependent on the cooperation of parents. The parents must take great care not to undermine the teacher or school in the eyes of the child.

We personally have a vision of seeing India as a developed nation with students entering their respective professions with a feeling to serve the nation. The emphasis of education should not be on feeding the intellect but also on enlightening the spirit and awakening the mind.

The school's affiliation to Central Board of Secondary Education. (C.B.S.E.) will ensure international exposure. The C.B.S.E. curriculum is the best and most innovative to say the least and ensures that children do not end up becoming book mugging morons. In fact, they should enjoy their studies and should look forward to coming to the classroom with renewed vigor of learning something new. Hoping to see your child significantly contributing to the development of our nation.

Mr. Arun Srivastav