About Us

Welcome to Meena Public School

Meena Public School is coeducational institution that was Founded by the dynamic and visionary Person, Mr. A K Srivastav and Meena Public School Samiti in 2013.Meena Public School aims to prepare students who are not only able to master their own problems and challenges but also ready to take on the world with profound intellectual prowess, a sound moral backing and exemplary conduct.

Objective of the School

To provide to its students a sound, moral, intellectual, social, culture and physical education and to train them to be worthy citizens of the country and the formation of intelligent, morally sensitive youngsters ready to take their place in the world.

What makes us special?

  • Our warm, family-like environment where everyone counts!
  • Our high expectations for our students to reach their full potential.
  • Our committed, dedicated and caring staff who strive to make your child’s learning and social experiences fun and meaningful.